Lactation Counselors, Lactivists & more

Liquid Gold, as Breastmilk is affectionately called. It's the amazing nutritious substance God has supplied us with, to feed these amazing new humans, but it's not always an easy process, especially at the begining. Do not be afraid to seek support, it's there

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Doulas (Birth & Postpartum)

You are not alone Sis. Did you know that just by having a birth or postpartum Doula the rates for maternal mortality & postpartum depression are dramatically reduced. And some insurers even cover the service.

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LSW, LMSW, Counselors, etc.

Holding space because losses & gains can hurt. While it is good to give yourself space and time to process, going to therapy can help with the healing.


If you are employed through a company, check with HR to see if you have an EAP program.

Black Female Therapist   Griefshare,org

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Mindfulness Meditation & Stretches

With the weight of the world on your shoulders, it is important to take care of your mental & physical health. 

Join us as we launch a journey together as moms who are balancing and holding space for each other, together.

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